Jewelry Care Guide

How to keep your beautiful Blohdi pieces looking their best:

We recommend the following below, in order to keep your pieces as beautiful as when you first received them:

  • Please do your best to store your pieces in dry areas, avoid humidity and moisture.
  • Refrain from allowing your pieces to come in contact with water, chemicals, oils or perfumes on a regular basis. If your pieces are to come in contact with any of the aforementioned, dry them off immediately.

  • keep your your pieces out of direct sunlight, over time, sunlight exposure can cause discoloration.

  • To clean your pieces:  wipe them with a damp cloth and soap -- dry immediately after

If you have any additional care questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at!


If allergy exists, stop wearing and contact a doctor immediately! Keep out of reach of small children.